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Welcome to the Polkadot Competitive Research documentation.

The goal of this site is to look deeply into the designs and decisions of blockchain protocols and ecosystems, and collect facts which can help push forward the future of Web3 technologies.

It should be noted that this site is not expected to be devoid of bias, as it focuses on the Polkadot protocol, and written from the perspective of a Polkadot developer and advocate.

That being said, it is my goal to find truth in my research and present that here. As with any protocol development, there are always opinions on what a system should be optimized for, and how best to build that system.

Rather than taking the words on this site as the final answer to a discussion, perhaps it can be the basis for a discussion instead.

I hope this site will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about blockchain protocols and ecosystems.

About the Author

My name is Shawn Tabrizi, and I have been a core developer in the Polkadot ecosystem for 5 years and have earned the rank of 4th Dan in the Polkadot Fellowship.

I would consider myself an expert in the Polkadot Protocol, but only vaguely familiar with other protocols and blockchains.

Part of my journey in building out this site will be to learn about those other protocols, their designs and decisions, and ultimately write about those topics (of which I am likely not going to be an expert).

I will try my best to separate opinions from fact, and I welcome those who will engage with me to correct me where I have made mistakes.

I hope above all, that this content is viewed as coming from a space