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Our Goal

We believe if you can find the right person to solve your problems, you will be able to achieve more.

Skill Finder is a tool to automatically find and publish skills and expertise for an individual. Other tools like LinkedIn and Delve enable users to manually submit this data, however this leads to inconsistant and out of date data. We want to fix this, and as a result, improve existing applications which take advantage of this data.

How do we do it?

We get your skills using the Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and LinkedIn

  • 1. Microsoft Graph

    First we get data from across Microsoft Graph like the company you work for, the emails you have written, the notebooks you have created, or the sites you have published.

  • 2. Microsoft Cognitive Services

    We then use the power of Machine Learning provided by the Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract relevant and common topics from your documents.

  • 3. LinkedIn

    We then refine these results using existing user data available through LinkedIn, across all industries and services.

  • 4. Learn and Improve

    We show you the results our hard work and let you pick and choose the final list of skills that represent you. As you make updates, we learn and improve our results for the next person!

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